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Boracay Philippines

Boracay Philippines: White Beaches

Boracay is known for it's beautiful beaches and shores.  There was never a cloud in the sky and it wasn't packed compared to other beach destinations.  The beaches are extremely clean
The Red Coconut Boracay

The Red Coconut & Boracay’s White Sands

The Red Coconut is where I stayed while I was in Boracay.  It's literally steps from the beach and located on Boracay's White Beach.  I would literally walked 20 feet out of my room and my feet was in white sand
Gerry's Grill Boracay

Gerry’s Grill Filipino Comfort Food

Gerry's Grill is located in Station 1.  It's a two story restaurant and the dining area is really narrow. It has a great view of the beach on the second floor.  The staff were all very nice and friendly.