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Taihodien Taipei Taiwan

Taihodien Taipei: Taiwanese Hot Pot Standard

Taihodien is a Taiwanese hot-pot restaurant that will spice up your life like no other hot-pot restaurant. This particular location is a couple of blocks from Taipei 101, but there are multiple locations th
Lin Dong Fang Taipei Taiwan

Lin Dong Fang & Legendary Beef Noodles

Lin Dong Fang (LDF) Beef noodles is a hole in the wall and unsuspectingly amazing food.  It's located in a dingy area with barely any traffic.  There is no customer service
Taipei Taiwan

Destination: Taipei & Here’s My Case.

Taipei is one of the more developed cities in Asia.  It sits on an island off of mainland China.  No, not that island. You're thinking of Japan.  The island is much more south and called Taiwan.  Maybe you've heard of it?