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Fried chicken

Fried Chicken & Hongik University

Fried Chicken is the best in the Hongik University area. It's also known as Hongdae since it's a college town filled with pubs and comfort food for the students.
Gaesung Mandu Seoul South Korea

Seoul’s Gaesung Mandu Traditional Dumpling House

Jongno-Gu is the city center of Seoul and home to many of the Korean palaces like Gyeongbok, Changdeok, Changgyeong and Unhyeon.  With attractions like those, it's hard not to find amazing restaurants
Olympic Park Seoul South Korea

Olympic Park In Seoul, South Korea

Olympic Park Seoul: Every city has it's massive park where the locals relax and waste a day.  New York has Central Park.  Sydney & Melbourne both have Royal Botanic Gardens. Chicago has Millennium Park.
Yoogane Dak Galbi Seoul South Korea

Yoogane Dak Galbi in Myeongdong

Yoogane serves a very specialized dish in Myeongdong and it happens to be one of my favorite Korean dishes.  It's the epitome of comfort food with it's robust flavors
Choi-ssi Ajeossi Seoul South Korea

Choi-ssi Ajeossi In Myeong-Dong

Choi-ssi Ajeossi in Myeong-Dong, which is one of Seoul's main shopping areas and tourism districts.  The laneways light up at night as the streets become crowded with Local and Tourist shoppers.