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Ichiran Shinjuku Japan

Ichiran & The Best Ramen In The World

Ichiran is one of the most popular ramen shops in Tokyo and it recently open a location in Brooklyn, New York.  It also has locations in Hong Kong and other cities around the world.
Mihachi Shinjuku Japan

Mihachi & Late Night Ramen – 味八

Mihachi.  It's located a couple of blocks from the Shinjuku station and one black from Omoide Yokocho.  I was craving udon after a long day in Osaka but the place I wanted to try was closed. 
n/naka los angeles

N/Naka & LA’s Modern “Kaiseki”

n/naka Los Angeles: N/Naka gain a lot of popularity with its Chef’s Table episode on Netflix.  The episode follows chef Niki Nakayama, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, through her kitchen and how she expresses herself through her cooking. Compare Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine of Kyoto's Kikunoi Restaurant Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art Price […]
Yojie Fondue Shabu Shabu

Yojie Fondue Shabu Shabu Can Do or No Can Do?

Yojie Fondue Shabu Shabu has been on my list to check out since I started working in DTLA again.  It’s located in an odd area and off of the main areas in DTLA on Olympic and Grand.  It’s a large restaurant especially in DTLA where space is limited like quality reviews and people who actually […]