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Maks Noodles Hong Kong

Maks Noodles & Cantonese Egg Noodles

Hong Kong is known for it's high rises, humidity and abundance of shopping malls.  Mak's Noodles is one of the many egg noodles with wontons restaurants in Hong Kong in a city re-known for its night ma
Australia Dairy Company Hong Kong

Australia Dairy Company & Milk Tea

The Australia Dairy Company has gain international fame in the past 8 years and people line up on the sidewalk to eat here.  As many Hong Kong citizens have said, Australian Dairy Company gain its repu
Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong

Tim Ho Wan Is The Best Dim Sum In The World

Tim Ho Wan has been considered the World's Cheapest Michelin starred restaurant for many years now; but, the title has shifted this year to the Singapore Food Hawker stand name Hong Kong Soya Sauc
Lantau Island Hong Kong

Lantau Island & The Big Buddha

Lantau Island is one of the islands within Hong Kong and happens to be the largest.  It was originally a fishing village but the last 30 years of major infrastructure development has changed the island