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El Gijones Havana Cuba

El Gijones & Cuban Cuisine In Havana, Cuba

El Gijones & Cuban Cuisine In Havana, Cuba. There are an abundant amount of restaurants in Havana, but like all things not everything reaches its potential for some reason or another. 
La Guarida Havana Cuba

La Guarida & Havana’s Finest Restaurant

La Guarida is one of many paladar in Havana, Cuba.  It sits on the 3rd floor of a private family home a couple of blocks from El Malecon.  The neighborhood looks intimating
El Malecon Havana Cuba

El Malecon & Havana Nights

El Malecon is Havana's board esplanade.  It stretches about 5 miles from Vedado to Old Havana and it provides an amazing view of Havana during the day and night
Paladar Los Mercaderes Havana Cuba

Paladar Los Mercaderes & Havana Vieja

Los Mercaderes is another popular restaurant in Havana Vieja (i.e., Old Havana), which is the old part of Havana.  It's steps from Plaza Vieja and in the middle of cultural Havana.