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Tosh’s Ramen In Salt Lake City

Tosh’s Ramen In Salt Lake City

Tosh's Ramen is a decent option for some comfort food in Salt Lake City.  It's provides warmth in Salt Lake City's brutal winters.
Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen Denver

Denver’s Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen

Euclid Hall is a really cool spot to grab some food or just chill after a weekend in the mountains.  We stopped by to have dinner before our flight back to California and
Pasteis de Belém Lisbon

Pasteis de Belém & Portuguese Pastries

Pasteis de Belém is probably the most famous pastries shop in Portugal.  It's a small shop with a revolving door that never stops as patrons enter and exit the door like Starbucks.
The Gage Chicago

The Gage & Old Chicago

The Gage is a really cool restaurant across the street from the Bean.  The decor is very Chicago and reminds me of old Chicago movies.  There was a fire-place right next to our booth. 
Fried chicken

Fried Chicken & Hongik University

Fried Chicken is the best in the Hongik University area. It's also known as Hongdae since it's a college town filled with pubs and comfort food for the students.