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Jean Georges New York

Jean Georges & New York’s Old Guard

Jean Georges New York: Jean Georges (JG) represents the old guard in New York.  The renowned chef is among the old players in the city still holding their own. Compare Home Cooking with Jean-Georges: My Favorite Simple Recipes Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges Price $32.14 $40.00 Free shipping 35 new from$25.79 65 usedfrom $6.42 as of […]
Eleven Madison Park New york

Eleven Madison Park & The #1 World’s 50 Best Restaurant For 2017

Eleven Madison Park (EMP) has been a NYC 3 Michelin Starred restaurant since 2012.  It’s considered the #1 2017 World’s 50 Best Restaurant.  Is it true? Compare Eleven Madison Park: The Next Chapter (Signed Limited Edition): Stories & Watercolors, Recipes & Photographs Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook Price $225.60 $250.00 Free shipping 8 new from$215.99 […]
Manresa Restaurant Los Gatos

Manresa & It’s Third Star

Manresa restaurant by Chef David Kinch. He has worked in kitchens from Japan to New York to France to Germany to Spain. He’s among the 3 Michelin stars elites. Compare Manresa: An Edible Reflection Umami: The Fifth Taste Price $28.98 $50.00 Free shipping 50 new from$26.32 62 usedfrom $19.99 as of June 10, 2024 6:59 […]
Saison San Francisco SF

Saison San Francisco & The Duck Broth

Saison San Francisco: Saison is a new addition to the Michelin 3 star élite group of restaurants in SF.  It’s run by Joshua Skenes who has worked with famous chefs like Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Chef Michael Mina.  Compare Fodor's San Francisco: with the Best of Napa & Sonoma (Full-color Travel Guide) Gustaf's Wine Gums, […]
Restaurant At Meadowood

Restaurant At Meadowood & Napa Valley

The Restaurant at Meadowood (R@M) is the other 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Napa.  The other being French Laundry of course.  Compare Napa Valley Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, two 25.4 Ounce bottles Napa Valley Naturals Organic Safflower Oil, 35 Pound Price Free shipping as of June 11, 2024 3:19 PM $155.30 9 new […]
Grace Restaurant Chicago

Chicago’s Grace Restaurant

Grace recently received its 3rd Michelin star in 2015, so I had to add it to my list for my Michelin 3 star tour.  The restaurant is very discreet and there isn't a huge sign outside
Alinea Chicago

Alinea & The Avant-Garde

Alinea sits in the Ranch Triangle area of Chicago.  It's a very charming neighborhood with two way lanes and people wandering around the little shops.  

Corey Lee’s Benu Surprises With Asian Fare

Benu is a restaurant run and owned by Corey Lee. Corey Lee is the former Chef de Cuisine at French Laundry and David Chang said his game is like no other. David Chang said he aspires to be like Corey Lee in
Le Bernardin New York

Le Bernardin & Eric Ripert aka Bourdain’s Travel Buddy

Le Bernardin is one of the handful of restaurants in New York that's critically and internationally acclaimed.  Eric Ripert better known for his cameos on Anthony Bourdain's travel episodes is the madman behind the restaurant.
Per Se New York

Per Se & Classic French in New York City

Per Se is Thomas Keller's East Coast French Laundry.  Thomas Keller is America's most prize chef and he is synonymous with American fine dining.  Thomas Keller is responsible for the majority of internation
Kichisen Kyoto

Kichisen & The Kaiseki Standard

Kichisen is a very famous restaurant in Japan and my first Michelin 3 star restaurant in Japan. It appears Kichisen is very popular among the locals because Taian, Hatsune Sushi