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Great Ocean Road Australia

Great Ocean Road & Australia’s Coast

Great Ocean Road is pretty much Australia's version of California's Pacific Coast Highway but more majestic and scenic.  It's a 3.5 hour drive from Melbourne to the 12 Apostles.
Hosier Lane Melbourne

The Famous Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is one of the many lane ways in Melbourne filled with street art.  There are others like Union Lane and AC/DC Lane.  The reason I say it's famous is because I seen Sheppard Fairey's famous Obey
Hutong Dumpling Bar Melbourne

Hutong Dumpling Bar & Xiao Long Bao

Hutong Dumpling Bar was the 2nd stop I made on my first day in Melbourne and I went right over I had Grossi Florentino.   Hutong is literally a hole in the wall, down an alley, and right before Chinatown.  
Cumulus Melbourne

Cumulus & Its Full English Brekkie

First and foremost, Cumulus has many rave reviews from a number of travel sites.  It's considered by many one of the best Melbourne restaurants so I had to try it. We came here for breakfast before we heade
Rosetta Ristorante Melbourne

Melbourne’s Rosetta Ristorante

Rosetta Ristorante is a great restaurant in Melbourne, Australia.  It's consider one of the best restaurants in town.  Is it though?
Cutler & Co Melbourne

Is Cutler & Co Ready To Outdo Attica?

Cutler & Co. It's considered one of the best restaurants in Melbourne and offers a tasting menu. It's in Fitzroy which is two steps and a skip from Brunswick.