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Harbor City Restaurant Seattle

Harbor City Restaurant & Seattle Dim Sum

Harbor City Restaurant is in Seattle's Chinatown/International District, which is south of the City Center.   The district is an array of different Asian cuisines and restaurants
Pike Place Chowder Seattle

Pike Place Chowder & The Rain

Pike Place Chowder is tucked away in one of the narrow lane ways next to Pike Place Market in Seattle.  The brick road moves away from crowded market with its outrageous number of restaurants
Din Tai Fung Seattle

Din Tai Fung & The Pungent Sound

Din Tai Fung (DTF) has a lot of hype every where it opens shop.  They have evolved from the little shop in Taipei's Da'an District to an semi-upscale Taiwanese restaurant.
Six Seven Seattle

Six Seven Is No Where Near A Perfect 10

Six Seven is a restaurant located in the Edgewater hotel. It has a bar and a lounge area. It's supposedly known for its food and its gorgeous view.  The view is absolutely breathtaking