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Din Tai Fung Beijing

Din Tai Fung Beijing & APM

Din Tai Fung is internationally acclaim and famous.  The Xiao Long Bao chain has locations all over Asia, Australia, the United States, and the rest of the world.
Xianlaoman Beijing

Xianlaoman & Beijing Steam Dumplings

Xianlaoman is renowned around Beijing for providing quality dumplings and being cost effective.  The little shop is known to get packed fairly fast due to the mentioned quality.
Huntun Hou Beijing

Huntun Hou & Beijing’s Won Ton Landmark

Huntun Hou (aka Wonton Hou) is a Chinese landmark operating before the 1950's in the Wangfujing District of Beijing.  The little shop has slowly expanded his operations throughout the years.
Yu Garden Shanghai Old Shanghai

Old Shanghai & The Yu Garden

Yu Garden Shangahi: Shanghai is probably one of the most cultural diverse cities in China. The old port city has been a major trade city due to its location.  The city in the edge of the Yangtze River.
Fu He Hui Shanghai China

Fu He Hui & Vegetarian Shanghainese Cuisine

Fu He Hui is one of the Tony Lu restaurants and they have the "Fu" designation in front of it.  Fu He Hui is a strictly vegetarian Shanghainese restaurant and the Fu stable has
Dahuchun Shanghai China

Dahuchun (大壶春) Is A Shanghai Institution

Dahuchun is one of the oldest fried pork bun shops in Shanghai and has been designated as a national treasure by the Chinese government.  It opened its doors in the 1930s and currently has six location
Mr & Mrs Bund Shanghai

Mr & Mrs Bund & Alternative French

Mr & Mrs Bund is the alter-ego of Paul Pairet.  It's been dubbed as Alternative French cuisine as Chef Pairet moves away from classic French presentations and traditions.  The restaurant sits
Fu1015 Shanghai

Fu1015 & Shanghainese Cuisine

Fu1015 is one of the Tony Lu restaurants and they have the "Fu" designation in front of it.   Fu1015 serves traditional Shanghainese cuisine and the Fu stable has become an institution in Sha