Grand Canyon Road trip? Grand Canyon is one of the United States most breathtaking views.  The massive canyons carved by the Colorado river in Arizona millions of years ago.

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Until this day, it’s considered a Native America holy site.   For thousands of years, there are Native Americans who have lived in the canyons and settled in the caves.  Havasupai is one of the most popular Indian reservations in the Grand Canyon; however, Havasupai limits its visitors every year, so it makes getting a camping permit difficult.  Havasupai is definitely worth the visit and it’ll add to the reasons why a Grand Canyon road trip is a great idea.

A Grand Canyon road trip is always a good idea.  There are tons of things to see while heading to the Grand Canyon.  We decided to compile a must-see list on the road to the Grand Canyon.  The road trip will cross three states within the United States – Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.  The landscape is amazing and it’ll be an unforgettable trip.

Here is out list of places to visit:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada – The Sin City is only four hours away from the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.  I would recommend finishing your road trip in Las Vegas because it’ll be a great place to party after all the hiking.Grand Canyon Road trip
  • Zion National Park – The national park that’s famous of the Zion Canyons.  It’s a great place to camp and hike for a few days while on the road.  It’s in Utah and close to the Arizona Utah border.

    Grand Canyon Road trip
    Zion National Park
  • Lake Powell – The major vacation spot is a reservoir on the border of Arizona and Utah.  The lake boasts over 2 million visitors each year and it’s the main water source for four states in the area.  It’s another reason to take a Grand Canyon road trip.Grand Canyon Road trip
  • Horseshoe Bend – It’s one of the most photographed places around the Grand Canyon.  It’s one of the stops in everyone’s Grand Canyon road trip.  The Colorado river carved a horse shoe like bend into the Canyon.  It’s one of the most breathtaking views within the area.Grand Canyon Road trip
  • Antelope Canyon – The Antelope Canyon is split into two — Upper and Lower.  The Upper can be walked through; however, the Lower canyon requires stairs to reach.  The canyon can only be visited with guided tours because they are on Navajo lands.

    Grand Canyon Road trip
    Antelope Canyon
  • Grand Canyon – It’s one of America’s most breathtaking views.  If not, the most.  The Grand Canyon is split into North and South.  The South Canyon has a little town — Grand Canyon Village with a few restaurants and hotels.  It’s a 5 minute drive to the Grand Canyon entrance.

    Grand Canyon Road trip
    Grand Canyon South Rim
  • Lake Havasu – The premier place for Spring Breakers.  It’s known for its amazing parties and sand dunes.  The area is breathtaking as you take a boat tour into the canyons from Havasu City.  Lake Havasu should be last on the list because it’s the perfect spot to chill after your Grand Canyon road trip.Grand Canyon Road trip
  • Hoover Dam – The famous dam on the border of Arizona and Nevada.  The United States largest dam cost hundreds of lives when it was built in the mid-1930s.  Now, it provides electricity to Arizona, Nevada, and California.Grand Canyon Road trip
  • Lake Mead – It’s the largest reservoir in the United States.  It’s an essential stop on any Grand Canyon road trip. The lake is a water source for Arizona, California, and Nevada.  It’s only 24 miles from Las Vegas and a few miles from the Hoover Dam.  It’s a great stop to relax while heading back to Las Vegas.

That’s our suggested sites to check out while doing your Grand Canyon road trip.  It’s a great option for California/Arizona/Nevada solo travelers who want to get away for the weekend.  Also, it’s a great option for anyone.  The best option would be to fly into Las Vegas then rent a car.  Lastly, you can choose to take a tour, a boat ride, or a helicopter ride.  Here are our suggestions for those activities: