The Giza Pyramids is one of the must see ruins in Cairo, Egypt.  It’s best to take a cheap Giza Pyramids tour to the national park to help hasten the entrance and avoid hassles.

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The Giza Pyramids have been a life long dream of mine.  I’ve watch Persian, Roman, Greek, and Egyptian documentaries on a regular basis when I was young.  I’ve visited Athens and Rome.  I’ve completed Egypt and the only outstanding ancient history would be Persia.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon in the correct situation with the United States and Iran.  

Giza Pyramids tour
The three pyramids

Anyway, the Giza Pyramids is absolutely amazing.  The pictures and documentaries don’t do it justice; there’s nothing more special than seeing the pyramids in person.  The magnificent piece of architecture left me with a life long impression I will never forget.  It has been one of my most memorable trips to date.  It’s a marvel in itself to ponder how the ancient Egyptians built it in 2560 BCE.  It’s another marvel to ponder how it has survived throughout the years. 

The best way to visit the Giza Pyramids is to take a Giza Pyramids tour.  The Giza Pyramid tour guide got me through the entrance within 5 minutes.  She helped me avoid the vendors selling souvenirs, offering camel rides, and other services.  She was also had a wealth of knowledge about the pyramids.  In addition, she was really candid about Egypt’s political situation and the country’s direction.  It was fantastic to get some insight into a local’s perspective on their home country.  

The tour included the following items:  Giza Pyramids Tour

  • Hotel Pickup
  • Great Pyramids
  • The Sphinx
  • The Sakkara pyramid 
  • Memphis (formerly Egypt capital)
  • Artisan Papyrus Store
  • Safe transportation

I don’t usually like tours.  However, I was short on time and the tour provided me a way to get around quickly without a hassle.  It’s a great option for people who want a safe way to get around Cairo with a local who knows the best routes.  They “ship” you everywhere.  You could also grab a cab or an Uber.   Cairo traffic is pretty notoriously bad during certain times of the day.  It definitely help to be on the tour to be efficient with time.  Find out more about the tour here.  Giza Pyramids Tour

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