Beco do Batman aka Batman Alley & Brazilian Street Art

Beco do Batman (or Batman Alley) is one of the most famous landmarks in São Paulo, Brazil.  The street art alley is in the Bohemian neighborhood of Villa Magdalena.  

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I’ve visited many cities in the world.  There is always an area where artists are free to express themselves on walls.  Melbourne has Hosier Lane and Union Lane.  Shanghai has M50.  Los Angeles has the Art District.  New York has Bushwick.  San Francisco has Mission.  São Paulo has Beco do Batman.

Beco do Batman Sao Paulo
Beco do Batman

Beco do Batman gotten its name from a Batman piece in the alley.  The locals started to call it ‘Batman Alley’ for easy reference.  Now, it has become one of São Paulo’s main attraction and the alley has become a pedestrian only street.  The artwork line the walls on both sides.

The best thing with street art is it’s always changing.  The beautiful wall murals initially seen will be gone in a few years later unless the canvas is hard to reach; the walls are always changing and it’s a testament to evolution.  The murals reflect current pop cultures with images of Marvel/DC characters to ninjas.  It’s the perfect example of the changing times and how artists’ style change with the times.  It’s one of the reasons I follow street art.

With all street arts, the art is inspired by local influences.  The street art in China, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and so forth are a reflection of the artists who live in those cities.  São Paulo is no different.  Murals are often depicted with local issues or a reflection of daily lives.  Each mural has a story to be interpreted.

Beco do Batman Sao Paulo
Spider-man fighting crime in SP

Lastly, Beco do Batman is definitely worth the visit.  It’s in São Paulo’s Bohemian neighborhood of Villa Magdalena; Villa Magdalena is filled with art, bars, restaurants, and environmentally conscious stores.  In other words, it’s definitely a hipster neighborhood.

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