Things To Do in Sydney?  Sydney is a great city.  It’s one of Australia’s major cities and there are plenty of things to do including bars, eating, and sightseeing.

One of the most time consuming aspects to do when planning a vacation.  It takes a lot of our time and it becomes fairly stressful.  There’s the cost, the reservations, the convenience, the transportation, and where does it fit in the schedule.   Trust us.  We know.  Things To Do In Sydney?

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Every trip will take has to have an agenda.  We want to make sure we don’t miss anything on our trip.  We spend up to weeks trying to figure out what we want to do.  Our agenda is usually finalized the week before we board our flight.  Therefore, we understand and decided to make this quick list for our readers. Things To Do In Sydney?

Here are the must do things while in Sydney: Things To Do In Sydney?

Sightseeing:  Things To Do In Sydney?

  • Opera House – The iconic Opera House.  This is a must visit and a photo has to come with the visit.

    Sydney Opera House Things To Do In Sydney
    Sydney Opera House
  • Bondi Beach – Sydney’s famous beach.  The beach is always on everyone’s list to visit while in Sydney.  Don’t forget to check out Bondi Village while you’re there.  Things To Do In Sydney?
  • Sydney Bridge – The famous bridge where you could climb to the top.  Everyone who has done it highly recommends climbing to the top.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Things To Do In Sydney
    Sydney Bridge
  • Royal Botanic Gardens – Sydney’s Central Park per se.  It’s a nice park to walk through and it has a lot of different species of plants.  In addition, it’s right next to the Sydney harbour providing picturesque shots.  Things To Do In Sydney?

    Royal Botanic Gardens Things To Do In Sydney
    Royal Botanic Gardens

Eats: Things To Do In Sydney?

  • Rockpool Bar & Grill – The popular steakhouse serves solid Australian Wagyu.  I would consider Australian wagyu to be one of the best beefs in the world.  It’s a solid option for a nice dinner one night.  Things To Do In Sydney?

    Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney Things To Do In Sydney
    David Blackmore Wagyu
  • Mr. Wong – The slightly upscale restaurant serves delicious gourmet dim sum.  It’s not too pricey, but the quality is excellent.  The brunch restaurant uses high-end ingredients like black truffles and foie gras.

    Mr Wong Sydney Things To Do In Sydney
    Truffle Dumplings
  • Din Tai Fung – The internationally famous xiao long bao restaurant has a location within the Westfield mall.  It’s a cheap and quick option while you’re taking a shopping break.  Things To Do In Sydney?

    Things To Do In Sydney Din Tai Fung Sydney
    The famous xiao long baos

That’s our list of things to do while in Sydney.  It’s a quick list to add to your options.  Let us know if you want us to add anything to the list in the comment section below.   Don’t forget to book A Plane Ticket & Reservations!  Things To Do In Sydney?