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Happy Vietnam is one of the few Vietnamese restaurants in Vienna, Austria.  The restaurant is a few blocks from Vienna’s Museum Quarter.

Happy Vietnam isn’t a full-blown restaurant.  It’s more like a food-to-go restaurant with a whole in the wall vibe.  The little mom n’ shop restaurant is on a narrow bar filled street.  The patrons are all locals from the neighborhood stopping in for a quick and cheap bite to eat.

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Happy Vietnam Vienna Austria
The little restaurant

Happy Vietnam is ran by a married couple.  The husband does the cooking while the wife attends to customers.  They communicate with each other through Vietnamese and their tone sounds like they’re arguing; however, it’s not the case as it’s the normal Vietnamese speaking decibel.  It’s something I’m accustomed to since I live in the largest Vietnamese community in the United States.

Happy Vietnam’s menu has all the popular Vietnamese dishes.  It includes pho, com tam, and bun.  I don’t normally eat Vietnamese food on any of my trips, but I caught a case of food poisoning a few days before my Vienna arrival.  I was in desperate need of familiar foods to get back my appetite and Happy Vietnam and Saigon Restaurant help me get my taste buds back to normal.

I went with the Bun Thit Nuong.  The soft vermicelli topped with grilled pork, green onions, ground peanuts, and egg rolls brought my taste buds back to life.  The sweet fish sauce tasted familiar; the egg rolls’ texture wasn’t as crisp or fresh as I would have hoped.  The decently seasoned grilled pork contained all the typical Vietnamese marination ingredients — fish sauce and soy sauce.  The Happy Vietnam’s combination made it decent option for Bun Thit Nuong in Vienna, Austria.

Happy Vietnam Vienna Austria
Bun Thit Nuong

Happy Vietnam is a good option for a quick and cheap meal.  Its menu didn’t contain anything over 8 EUR  and the average cost was about 5 EUR.  The food is made fresh and it serve within minutes of ordering.  Vienna isn’t a budget friendly city; however, Happy Vietnam provides some relief to my wallet.

Need restaurants to eat at while in Vienna?  Check out our review of Saigon Restaurant and Steirereck.  Also, check out Stephansplatz  and Stephensdom when you’re there.

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Happy Vietnam is one of the few Vietnamese restaurants in Vienna, Austria. The restaurant is a few blocks from Vienna’s Museum Quarter. The mom n’ pop shop provides cheap and tasty Vietnamese food for less than 5 EUR on average. It’s a great budget friendly quick stop.

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