Saigon Restaurant & Vietnamese Food In Vienna

Saigon Restaurant is one of the few Vietnamese restaurants in Vienna, Austria.  The restaurant is a few steps from Vienna’s Museum Quarter.

Saigon Restaurant is a typical Vietnamese restaurant.  The decor is similar to other Vietnamese restaurants around the world; the only difference would be Saigon’s cleanliness.  The restaurant was surprising clean compared to the Vietnamese restaurants in my hometown — Little Saigon, California.  In addition, the wait staff were pleasant and nice. Saigon Restaurant’s staff were a mixed of Cantonese and Vietnamese.

Saigon Restaurant Vienna Austria
Saigon’s menu

I usually don’t eat anything I can get in my hometown.  However,  I caught a case of food poisoning a few days before I arrived in Vienna.  I needed something familiar to get my appetite back and felt relieved Vienna had a few Vietnamese restaurants near my hotel.  It’s not as surprising because there is a decent Vietnamese population in Eastern Europe.  It was a life saver cause I barely ate.

Saigon Restaurant had a full menu with all the traditional Vietnamese dishes.  In addition, they had a few Cantonese options.  Here is what I went with:

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  • Pho – It was a small bowl.  The dark broth draped with green onions and cilantro was tasty.  The beef bits were slightly overcooked, but it went well with the rice noodles.  It provided comfort during Vienna’s winter.

    Saigon Restaurant Vienna Austria
  • Mi Won Ton – The clear broth was topped with fried shallots, green onions and cilantro.  The translucent won tons were tasty and it had a sharpness to it; the egg noodles were not yellow, but tasted decent.  The pork morsels were tender and flavorful; it soaked up the broth’s flavor very well.

    Saigon Restaurant Vienna Austria
    Mi Won Ton

Overall, Saigon Restaurant provides solid and authentic Vietnamese food in Vienna.  Saigon’s cleanliness and large menu makes it a great option for lunch after a morning at Museum Quarter.  It’s a few blocks from Museum Quarter, so it’s a great option for a budget friendly meal.  It’s one of the biggest selling points of Vietnamese food.  Tasty and cheap comfort food.

Saigon Restaurant Vienna Austria

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Saigon Restaurant is one of the few Vietnamese restaurants in Vienna, Austria. The restaurant is a few steps from Vienna’s Museum Quarter. It’s a budget friendly restaurant with good and authentic Vietnamese food.

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