Vancouver’s Granville Island & The Public Market

Granville Island is the place to be on a sunny afternoon in Vancouver, Canada.  It’s definitely worth the visit while in Van City.

Granville Island is an interesting peninsula in the middle of Vancouver, Canada.  The island is a shopping district famous for its multiple breweries, public market and artistry.  It has a view of two bridges — Burrard Street and Granville Street.  There are kid-friendly areas on the island among all the breweries.

Granville Island Vancouver
The view of the Burrard Street and Granville Street Bridges

Granville Island is in the middle of the city, which makes it convenient stop.  The Granville Island Public Market has a number of local vendors selling coffee, woven products and food.  It’s also a seafood hub since it’s located in the middle of False Creek.  Granville offers a ferry service — Ferries 1, 2 and 3.  In addition, it has a view of Van City’s skyline.

My Vancouver friend recommended Granville.  She said it was the perfect location for any foodie; I took her advice since she was a Van City local.  The place was still crowded with people coming in and out; I walked around the island for an hour trying to decide where I wanted to post for a few hours before dinner.  I decided to hang out at the Sandbar restaurant.  I could have hung out at the large public space with a view of the Granville Street bridge but I wanted to have a few drinks cause Canada doesn’t band the imports of Cuban Rum like the United States.

Granville Island Vancouver
The Granville Street Bridge

Granville Island is a great place to waste a few hours.   The area has a thriving artist community that meshes perfectly with its number of breweries and the public market.  I would highly recommend adding Granville Island to the agenda.  Lastly, there is a convenient taxi stand next to the Public Market to get people in and out.

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