Vij’s Rangoli & Indian Food In Vancouver

Vij’s Rangoli is the sister restaurant of Vij’s — Vancouver’s beloved Indian restaurant.  The restaurant provides a casual dining experience. 

I have never been a big fan of Indian food.  My past experiences have left me with stomach aches, which has scared me for years.  It could have been due to eating Indian food at questionable establishments and ignoring the health ratings in front of the restaurants.  However, I decided to mend past scares and give Vij’s Rangoli a plunge at lunch during my weekend visit to Vancouver.

Vij's Rangoli Vancouver
The decor and frozen food refrigerator

Vij’s Rangoli is the younger sibling of Vij’s.  With all younger siblings, they’re usually hipper, cooler, in the know, care free, and a lot wilder than their older counterparts.  This is the case with Vij’s Rangoli.  The casual Vij’s Rangoli offers a relaxed dining experience minutes away from Vancouver’s Granville Island. Vij’s Rangoli Vancouver

The red walls with matching menus is anything but pretentious yet hip.  The waiters are in casual attire making their rounds as the kitchen staff whip up modern Indian fare for patrons.  The diner’s menu is filled with vegetarian and meat options for different diets.   The array of ingredients include anything from kale, squash, braised short ribs to pulled pork.

I looked over Vij’s Rangoli menu and decided on the following:

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  1. Kebabs – The kebabs came with lamb, beef and lentil.  There was an option to do one or all three protiens.  The kebabs were escorted by a date-tamarind chutney.  The date-tamarind had an assortment of flavors — salty, sweet, tangy and a dash of spice; the kebabs were juicy and moist as I bit into them.  The two items definitely complemented each other.

    Vij's Rangoli Vancouver
  2. Short Ribs – The braised short ribs were accompanied with rice, fresh vegetables and bread.  The shorts ribs were swimming in a kalonji seed and cream curry.  The flavors were lively and bright; the shorts ribs were tender and tore apart with ease.  The long grain rice pilaf were fluffy and cooked nicely.  The bread was perfect for scooping the leftover curry.

    Vij's Rangoli Vancouver
    Braised Short Ribs

Vij’s Rangoli mended past scares.  It give me a new appreciation for Indian food.  Vij’s Rangoli is definitely a solid diner with it’s bright presentation matched with robust flavors.  I wouldn’t consider it an “authentic Indian dhaba” due to its modern take on old traditional cuisine and its use of kale.  However, it’s a great gateway to more traditional Indian restaurants.

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