Kosher Food & Jerusalem Bus Station

Jerusalem is overrun by restaurants with kosher food.  It’s like Dublin with its bars and pubs.  The perfectplace to get it is at the Jerusalem Bus Station.

I took an early morning bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  It was one of the three ways to get to Jerusalem and it happened to be one of the fastest.  The bus ride stopped at the Jerusalem Bus Station.  The large multiple floor bus station reminds me of the train stations in other large cities.  However, it wasn’t as packed as the Japanese train station.

It was about 9:30 AM when I walked into the bus station.  I was starving since I didn’t get a chance to grab breakfast before my day trip.  I wondered the station like a lost child looking for his/her mother.  I decided to settle for some kosher food.  However, I was looking for something appealing to eat and hold me over until lunch at Machneyuda.

Kosher Food
The assorted veggies

The bus station had a decent selection of restaurants.  There was sushi, pizza and other kosher food options.  There wasn’t anything that caught my eye until I walked passed this restaurant with a large vertical rotisserie grill, endless trays of vegetables and a kosher certification hanging on the wall.  It was enough to get any starving foodie’s attention.

It had a bright red sign in Hebrew and the entire menu was in Hebrew.  It was a lot of fun trying to order.  Luckily, there were pictures next to the menu and the owner spoke English.  There was only one thing that I wanted, which was the meat on the rotisserie grill.  The owner made his way over there and started to cut chunks of chicken off of the grill.

The foot long chicken wrap was massive.  The owner didn’t spare any inch of the wrap as it was filled to the max.  The tender morsels of chicken was perfectly cooked and there was no overcooked pieces; it was filled with assorted vegetables and topped with a sour cream sauce.  It came with side of pickled cabbage and carrots, which was neglected as I devoured the chicken wrap.   The serving size was definitely made for sharing cause I wasn’t able to finish it.  It was a decent chicken wrap but it wasn’t the best tasting option.

Lastly, the restaurant provides a quick meal.  I was able to put some kosher food in my stomach then head to the Old City.  Its convenience overrides its taste because I was able to walk out of the station then hop on the tram to the Old City.  With that said, I don’t think it would be my first option in hindsight.

Kosher Food. Jerusalem Central Bus Station
Chicken Wrap

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 Kosher Food Jerusalem

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It’s located in the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. It’s not the best tasting wrap but its convenience overrides its taste.

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