Israel’s Jaffa Port In Tel Aviv

Jaffa Port Tel Aviv: Israel’s Jaffa Port is an collective area in South Tel Aviv.  The area is rich in culture and history.  It’s more than how many years old.

Jaffa Port is an interesting area in Tel Aviv.  The ancient port has over 7,000 years of history and it has been mentioned in many ancient literature including the Hebrew Bible.  It’s older than Jews, Muslims, Christians, and even Egyptians.  The area is inhabited by mostly Muslims.

Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv
Jaffa Port

The port’s promenade is filled with fishermen. However, the backdrop is religious sanctuaries.  The sanctuaries include a few major religions in the Middle East — Christianity and Muslims.  The religious sanctuaries include the Al-Bahr Mosque, St. Archangel Michael Monastery, and Armenian Church to name a few.  It’s a great testament to how people with different beliefs could live and worship along side each other.

Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv
Al-Bahr Mosque

I walked over from the Old Jaffa City.  The promenade was filled with an array of different people from tourists to Muslims to Jews.  It was great to see people of different backgrounds enjoying the day in a conflict-ridden region.  The Jaffa port is filled with things to do and see.  It has become a tourist attraction with many restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir shops.  It’s definitely worth a trip from Tel Aviv’s city center.

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