Osaka’s Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya Dotonbori & Takoyaki

Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya.  Osaka’s Dotonbori street is filled with places to eat.  However, the strip is packed with Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki restaurants.

Dotonbori is associated with the Japanese term “kuidaore”, which translates “to ruin oneself by extravagance in food”.  It’s a fitting term for the street that’s filled with restaurants offering  okonomiyaki and takoyaki.  The two dishes are often synonymous with Osaka and it could be considered the city’s dish.  On Dotonbori, the options are endless.

Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya Dotonbori Osaka
The making of Takoyaki

After taking my Glico picture, I needed a mid-afternoon snack to hold me over until my dinner reservations at Taian.  I took Anthony Bourdain’s advice and followed the locals.  The locals lead me to Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya Dotonbori.  The little restaurant was packed with visitors admiring the staff making okonomiyaki and takoyaki in front of it.

I was a little discouraged due to the number of landmarks still on my list for the day.  However, the line moved efficiently.  The major issue with my travels is the amount of money I spend on food and I could never turn down an opportunity to try some street food.  It doesn’t help with my daily budget of calories.   I think I gain at least 5 pounds when I get home.

Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya takoyaki came in two servings.  It was 5 pieces for 350 Yen (i.e., ~3 USD) or 10 pieces for 650 Yen (i.e., ~5.80 USD) .  I went for the cheaper option of 10 pieces for 650 Yen.  The takoyaki was in my hand in less than 3 minutes after ordering it.  I found a seat inside the restaurant at one of their bar tables.

Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya takoyaki was piping hot.  It was still steaming as I started to eat it; it literally burned my tongue.  The fluffy wheat-flour based batter draped with takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayo then garnished with dried bonito shavings.  The bonito shavings was waving at me as I continued on with each takoyaki.  The takoyaki sauce had a sharp taste to it and the mayo calmed the takoyaki’s edges.  As I bit into it, the bits of octopus became apparent with it’s tough texture.  It was a solid mid-afternoon snack to hold me over.

Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya Dotonbori Osaka

After I left, I looked back at Dotonbori street.  Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya line was still there.  The people was still coming in and out of Dotonbori.  I wanted to ask each of them, which okonomiyaki and takoyaki restaurant was on their agenda.  It’s definitely a memory I still hold to day like having delicious Seolleongtang in Seoul at Mapo-Ok.

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Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya Osaka

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Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya is one of the endless okonomiyaki and takoyaki restaurants on Dotonbori. With so many options, Okonomiyaki Bonkuraya provides a quick snack and relatively less pricey than other restaurants in the area. It was 5 pieces for 350 Yen (i.e., ~3 USD) or 10 pieces for 650 Yen (i.e., ~5.80 USD).

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