Local Osaka Wazamonoya & Japanese Curry

Wazamonoya is located a couple of blocks from Minami Temma Park.  The local restaurant is run by a husband and wife and their food is solid. 

They were really sweet, welcoming and kind.  It was about 10:30 AM and they didn’t open until 11:00 AM.  However, they made an exception for me because I were starving and coming off the Shinkansen.  Wazamonoya is a total mom and pop shop.

Wazamonoya Osaka Japan
The restaurant’s decor

Wazamonoya restaurant had a dining bar around the kitchen, which I absolutely enjoyed.  They didn’t speak very much English but the menu had pictures of their specialties.   I had a long day of sightseeing in Osaka, so I was in a bit of a rush.  The food was prepared in an efficient manner and I was on our way after 40 minutes.  Only if I could get my co-workers to be that efficient.

I went with the Pork Cutlet Curry dish.  It was a large serving size for those who put portion over quality.  The overall quality was pretty good.  The Pork Cutlet was frozen and thrown into the fryer.  I wasn’t expecting that but then again it’s a small mom and pop shop.  The batter was crispy and the pork wasn’t overcooked.  The cutlet had all the juices in tact.  The curry sauce was thick, bold and pretty flavorful.  There wasn’t a huge kick in spiciness but it was more for flavor.  The rice was really good.  Wazamonoya Pork Cutlet was fluffy and moist but it didn’t stick together like most Asian rices.

Wazamonoya Osaka Japan
Pork Curry

Overall, Wazamonoya was a good quick stop for brunch.  The sweet couple running the shop was great.  It was pretty cheap relatively speaking when compared to other meals in its category in Japan and New York’s Totto Ramen.

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Wazamonoya is a solid option for a quick meal. The little mom and pop’s shop is run by a married couple. The pork curry was a good and the portion size will make any American happy.

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