Reykjavík’s Snaps Bistro & French Cooking

Snaps Bistro is a French Bistro steps away from the Hallgrimskirkja church. It sits among a few homes and it’s probably one of my favorites in Reykjavik.

Snaps Bistro is among one of the most popular restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland.  The little bistro offers a retreat from Iceland’s harsh winters.  The restaurant has a bar and white table cloths line the restaurant.  The sounds of the kitchen could be heard from every corner of the restaurant.

Sanps Bistro Reykjavík Iceland
The restaurant’s decor

I arrived around 11:30 AM for lunch.  Snaps Bistro was empty except for a few patrons; however, it started to pick up when 12 PM struck the clock.  The menu is filled with classic ingredients like foie gras.  The forks, knives and plates neatly arranged on the table with spotless wine glasses ready to be used.

I found my seat in the corner next to the window.  I flipped Snaps Bistro menu over for the English version to find myself wanting to try everything I saw.  I had to restrain myself cause I was leaving in a few hours and I didn’t want to over eat on 10 hour flight back to Los Angeles.  The waitress came by to drop off some water and took my order.  I decided on the the following items:

  1. Foie Gras De Canard – Snaps Bistro seared foie gras was accompanied with walnuts, apples, raisins, and sherry sauce.  The sweet fruit flavors blended extremely well with the foie gras.  The foie gras laid on top of white toast; the toast and walnuts provided contrast with the buttery foie gras.  Simple amazing.

    Sanps Bistro Reykjavík Iceland
    Foie Gras
  2. King Prawns & Garlic – Snaps Bistro king prawns were sauteed in a garlic buttery sauce.  The juicy prawns were cut down the middle giving it a plump bite to them.  It was drenched in the garlic sauce and every bite provided flavor.  The lemon gave the dish zest like a teenager moving out of town to attend college.

    Sanps Bistro Reykjavík Iceland
    King Prawns & Garlic
  3. Moules Marinieres – The Breiðafjörður mussels were plenty.  The dish was overflowing with the colorful mussels garnish with cilantro.  The steam mussels were cooked perfectly and laid in a sweet sauce.  It’s definitely meant for sharing.

    Sanps Bistro Reykjavík Iceland
    Moules Marinieres

As I walked out of Snaps Bistro, I started to walk back to my hotel to pack for my long flight.  I started to reflect on my two days in Reykjavik and I realized that Reykjavik is a pretty amazing city.  There wasn’t a restaurant I ate at that I found disappointing even though Reykjavik’s food prices could possibly be more pricey than New York.

What’s not to love about the city?  The famous waterfalls are only a short drive from the city center, the convenience of the Northern Lights, and beautiful landscape makes Iceland the perfect vacation destination.  Lastly, the city has great food like Seoul’s Myeongdong district.

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Snaps Bistro is definitely worth visiting while in Reykjavik. The little French oasis offers robust flavors in Iceland’s brutal weather conditions. The King Prawns, Mussels, and Foie Gras is a must try on the menu.

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