Dubai’s Grand Mosque & Old Town

Dubai’s Grand Mosque is not to be mistaken with the Abu Dubai’s Grand Mosque.  The two major cities’s grand mosque are a world’s apart from each other.

The Dubai Grand Mosque does not allow visitors except in the Mosque’s minaret area where photography is permitted.  In other words, the only individuals allowed in the mosque are Muslims.  It’s located in the old part of Dubai next to the Dubai Museum and the Shiva Temple.  The Mosque holds the highest minaret in Dubai.

Grand Mosque Dubai UAE
The view of the Grand Mosque from the docks

I arrived at Dubai’s old around 8:30 AM.  The area was quiet and the sun was fully out for the day.  There was barely anyone in the area and I was able to walk around unnoticed.  The old brownish colors of the buildings gave it a very Arabian feel to it.  It felt comforting for someone who was a foreigner.

 Grand Mosque Dubai

However, Dubai’s Grand Mosque is architecturally much different and modest than Abu Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque.  The Dubai’s Grand Mosque has an old Arabian style design with a sand colors and simple structure.  The Abu Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed has a more grand and larger than life structure with its all white color.  With all mosques, there are only certain times visitors are allowed in to visit cause the mosque are closed for prayers.

Grand Mosque Dubai UAE
Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is across the street from the Grand Mosque.  It’s not an impressive piece of architecture except for the boat next to the museum.  I decided to explore  and get lost in the area instead of going inside the museum.   I have been told Middle Easterns and Muslims are very hospitable people.  I found that to be true when I walked around the area.   The shop owners would strike a conversation with me then wish me well without trying to sale me anything.  It destroyed any stereotypes the American media has implanted in my head.

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