Taipei’s Chung-Shan Building – 中山樓

The Chung-Shan Building is located in the Yangmingshan National Park.  The building was used to host political events, ceremonies, and conferences. 

Chung-Shan Building Taipei Taiwan
Panoramic shot of the sulfurous mountains

The building was recently open up to the public.  When I say recent, I mean like 10 years ago.  The building’s construction began in 1965 and finish in 13 months with thousands of veterans helping with the construction.  The site displays a host of historical events and the constitutional development of Taiwan — Republic of China.  In addition, it’s place on the back of the Taiwanese 100 Dollar bill.

Chung-Shan Building Taipei Taiwan
Panoramic shot of the sulfurous mountains and Chung-Shan

I read so much about the Taipei’s Yangmingshan national park.  It’s abundant hot spring spas and the Chung-Shan building.  However, I decided to skip the spas because I like to explore on my vacations versus being pampered.  I woke up at 8 AM, grab breakfast then hopped on the MTA at Zhongshan Station to Beitou Station.  It was a lovely ride as the trained passed Taipei’s mountains with lush green trees.

Chung-Shan Building Taipei Taiwan
Panoramic shot of Chung Shan

At the Beitou Station, I hailed a cab to the Chung-Shan building cause the bus was taking too long to arrive.  It wasn’t the most economical option but I was willing to spend the money cause I was short on time.  The cab dropped me off at the bottom of the hill at Chung-Shan Building.  It was virtually empty and the smell of sulfur was the only thing present.  I paid my entrance fee and began my walk up the hill.

As I got closer, Chung-Shan Building started to appear in its glory.  It sits on top of a hill and the building is spectacular.  It’s white, red and blue.  It’s a marvel to walk up the road and see the spectacle of the historical monument.  It occupies more than 1.4 million square foot of space and under 120 feet tall.   The first thing I noticed was the colorful drawings at the stairs.  It was absolutely beautifully vibrant.

Chung-Shan Building Taipei Taiwan
Panoramic of the front of the building

As I moved along, there’s a huge theater hall where there’s a video for the history behind the building.  I didn’t stay long for the video because I wanted to explore the grounds of the building and the hand crafted lanterns.  In addition, I wanted to marvel at the huge torii-like gate in front of the building and the view of the city.  Chung-Shan Building is definitely worth the visit while in Taipei.

Chung-Shan Building Taipei Taiwan
The vibrant drawings under the stairs

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