Parte Vieja Is Old Town San Sebastian

Parte Vieja Is Old Town San Sebastian.  Every city has its old part of town.  San Sebastián is no different, but the restaurants in Parte Vieja makes San Sebastián unique.

San Sebastián is unique in its very special way.  The old architecture filled with retail stores selling modern-day possessions.  It holds a special place in my soul like a new love after I had my heart-broken.  It’s small town relatively speaking to other large cities in Spain.  The resort town surrounded by Biscay Bay and the Basque Country has everything to offer for a day or a week trip.  However, Parte Vieja is where San Sebastián has left its mark.

Parte Vieja San Sebastian  Iglesia de Santa María San Sebastian Spain
Iglesia de Santa María

I flew into San Sebastián on a day trip from Barcelona.  I wanted to indulge in the lifestyle of pinotxo bars with endless glasses of wine accompanied with the world-famous bite-size tapas.  However, those bite-size tapas often took two bites due to the abundant toppings on the bread.  My cab dropped me off at Playa de la Concha.  I made my way towards Parte Vieja to find it empty.

I roamed the little streets.  The cobblestone streets filled with shops after shops barely opening for the day.  It was great to take in the solitude of the quiet streets and truly admire the architecture without all the chaos and noise.  It was great to get clean shots of Iglesia de Santa María and San Vicente without people in my pictures.   Plaza de la Constitución’s calm with its three stories buildings surrounding it.

Parte Vieja San Sebastian  San Vicente San Sebastian Spain
San Vicente

I was able to capture the everyday lives of the San Sebastián people.   The area didn’t start to pick up until after 10 AM when people started to go to work.  It’s a different lifestyle compared to the one I’m accustomed to in the States.  We wake up at the break of dawn to rush to work and make sure we make some gains in this rat race.  I miss San Sebastián and it’s unique charming lifestyle.

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Parte Vieja San Sebastian Spain
Plaza de la Constitución