Outlets at Silverthorne & Retail Deals In Keystone, Colorado

Outlets at Silverthorne was a few miles from our cabin and right next to the highway ramps.   We decided to stop by here to check out some of the stores and maybe find some deals. 

Outlets at Silverthorne is right next to Highway 6.  It’s an outlet with a few notable stores like Nike, Gap, Coach, Banana Republic, Zumies, and Under Armour.  One portion is located on one side of the street while the other is across the way.   It’s like two blocks from each other and I’m not a big fan of the set up due to the inconvenience of crossing the street.

Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone Colorado
Fly fishing at the Outlets at Silverthorne

Before we headed to Denver, we made a stop at Outlets at Silverthorne to check out some of their stores.  It was a convenient stop and we wanted to see if there was any deals worth forking over our hard-earned cash.  We parked the car and decided to meet back within an hour and a half.  There’s a river that runs through the outlet.  I could see people fly-fishing in 20 degrees weather.   I thought that was pretty cool since but thought they were out of their mind to do it in the weather conditions.  How they came up with that idea is beyond me.

Banana Republic Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone

BR is definitely one of my favorite Outlets at Silverthorne stores.  It’s next to the Nike store.  The brand is perfect for work.  It’s really conservative, not too flashy, cheap and perfect for the corporate world.  The staff are very helpful and nice.  There’s practically no one in the store which I absolutely love.  I hate dealing with the crowds and it’s one of the main reasons I order my stuff off of websites.

Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone Colorado
The view of the mountains

The items are usually 50-70% off of retail price.  I always pick up slacks, dress shirts, and v-neck sweaters for work.  It’s not a top designer brand but I’m not a top designer type of man.  I don’t care to pay much for material things that I run through fairly quick.  Actually, I don’t care to pay a lot for any material object.  It’s not that I’m cheap, but I rather spend my money on my travels.  It’s a good spot to pick up some decently price work clothes if you work in the corporate world.

 Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone

Nike Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone

The Nike Factory store is one of the two real outlet stores worth visiting in the area.  The store has a number of items on sale and the selection is pretty good.  There’s a large number of training apparel for whatever that helps you burn calories.   The items are about 20-40% off of the tag price.

However, the reason I like this store is the sneaker selection.  I’m a big sneaker head and go through my phases of different types of sneakers.  Currently, it’s all about the classics even though I haven’t picked up a new pair for ages.  The sneakers are fairly priced to what I see online and trust me I do my price check to determine whether it’s a deal or not.

Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone Colorado
T-shirt deal

For example, Flyknits were $90 and Pegasus+ were $80 versus $130 and $130, respectively.  Therefore, it’s about 30% for my shoe size.  There were hoodies for $30-40, which I didn’t think was a good deal.  There was a t-shirt deal for 2 for $30.  It’s not much a deal.  I usually wear my old sweatshirts and t-shirts to work out so I don’t really care to buy new clothes just to work out.  It’s not like it’s going to improve my abilities.  The shoe selection is the only thing worth checking out at the Nike Factory.

Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone Colorado
Air Pegasus Price

Zumiez Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone

Zumiez is decent.  It’s definitely not an outlet store.  The prices are full price and the selection of items aren’t great.  There’s the usual skate brands and some urban brands.  I’m not really sure why they’re in an outlet area when their prices are normal.  They had a deal for t-shirts.  If you bought two t-shirts, it was like $30.  It’s not much of a deal in my opinion for an outlet store.  I don’t think Zumiez is worth the trip and time. It’s full price and the selections aren’t great.  I rather get my stuff off of Karmaloop or Amazon.

Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone Colorado
The Zumiez Store

Under Armour Outlets at Silverthorne Keystone

Under Armour is definitely not an outlet store.  The prices are full price and the selection of items were terrible.   I’m a big Under Armour fan and I love their compression shirts for snowboarding or adding a layer under my worn down t-shirts.  However, the Under Armour outlet store didn’t offer much in terms of deals.  The colorful array of clothes seemed to be geared towards skiers and snowboarders.

Overall, it’s definitely not the best of Outlets at Silverthorne and the stores are pretty limited.   The only two stores I actually cared about was Banana Republic for work clothes and Nike for my sneakers.  Everything else was regular price, which made the visit a waste of time.

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