Vail Ski Resort & Endless White Powder

Vail Ski Resort & Mountain is among the many mountains in Colorado.  I absolutely love snowboarding in Colorado because of the beautiful landscape. 

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Vail Village is very charming and has this Christmas-esque about it.  The village’s architecture is gorgeous and there’s plenty to do while you’re there.  The people are usually friendly.  I’ve encountered some douchie and pretentious people but it doesn’t discourage me from coming back.  However, those encounters are usually on the slopes.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado
The drive to Vail

Vail Ski Resort mountain is usually on my agenda for boarding on my first day in Colorado.  I usually stay in Keystone and it’s about a 30 minute drive from there.  The roads are paved through the mountains and it’s a sight to see the snow-covered landscape on the way to or back from Vail.  It gives me one of those its-great-to-be-alive feelings as my eyes adore the mountains.

We arrive at Vail Ski Resort around 10 AM.  The parking lots are full but we’re still able to find a parking spot.  We gear up next to our rental cars and make the trek through Vail Village to the main lift.  The village is absolutely charming with its decor and layout.  We arrived at the main lift and the line isn’t too bad.  We tightened our boots and hop into the Gondola to the top of the mountain.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado
The lift area

Vail Ski Resort is filled with experience skiers and snowboarders.  The slopes are steeper than Keystone; however, the snow is always fresh with icy parts on the runs.  The icy parts are more in the shaded areas but it doesn’t stop me from taking in the gorgeous view of the mountain.  It’s a wonderful feeling to board down the mountain while I take in the snow-covered terrain.

I always like to relax on the side of the runs and enjoy the view at Vail Ski Resort.  The runs are relatively long compared to other mountains but it’s like falling on cement if my board clips an icy part of the run and I fall.  Thank goodness I’ve haven’t met any broken bones or concussions throughout my years of snowboarding.

Vail Ski Resort Colorado
Taking in the view of the mountain

The lift tickets keep going up every year but it’s expected.  The benefit of the lift ticket is it could be used at all the local mountains like Keystone or Breckenridge.  I could board Vail one day, Keystone the next and Breckenridge the day after.  I always buy a multi-day pass to take advantage of the benefit.  The Colorado mountains are some of my favorite mountains for a snowboarding trip.

Overall, I always have a good trip when I’m at Vail Ski Resort.  I do prefer Keystone over Vail because the snow is usually softer, slopes are wider and people are friendlier.  However, Vail Village is a lot more charming and fun to walk through after a day of boarding.  There’s a bunch of bars and pubs in Vail Village.

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Vail Ski Resort Colorado
The view of Vail Village and the mountain