Berlin’s Top 10 Sightseeing List & How To Save Money

Berlin’s Top 10 Sightseeing List? Berlin is the capital of Germany.  The once separated city is an amazing place to visit with its rich culture, diverse group of people, and landmarks.

Berlin’s Top 10 Sightseeing List Berlin

Germany is a contrast of what it was in the 1930s.   Europe is much different after two world wars with the European Union.  The free movement of its citizens to experience what neighboring countries have to offer in terms of food, landmarks and cultures.  The rest of the world could follow the EU’s lead and let its citizens roam freely in its region without prejudice. Berlin’s Top 10 Sightseeing List Berlin

Berlin has a lot to offer for anyone looking to visit whether you’re into culture, architecture or a foodie like myself.  It has Michelin rated restaurants like Tim Raue and filled with 17th-18th century buildings.  Here are our the top 10 things to see in Berlin:

The majority of the above sites are free to get in.  However, the AquaDom and Reichstag Dome cost about 20 Euros each.

Let us know which sights you decide or end up visiting in the comments section below!

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