Berlin’s Reichstag Dome & the View of the German Parliament

The Reichstag Dome is within the Reichstag Building in Berlin, Germany.  The structure is like a scene from a sci-fiction movie.  

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The Reichstag Dome is a rebuilt glass dome to symbolize the reunification of Germany.  The top of the dome has a 360 degree view of Berlin’s skyline or cityscape, whichever term you would like to use.  It’s magnificent piece of architecture where you could view the German Parliament; in addition, it symbolizes the German people are above the government, which is a contrast from the old Nazi Germany. Reichstag Dome Berlin

The Reichstag Dome Berlin Germany
The Reichstag Dome on the above floors

After I purchased my ticket, I walked to the entrance where a security screening was required.  I passed through the screening without an issue then the security lead the crowd an elevator.  Within the elevator, I heard multiple different languages and ascents from around the world.  There was a couple of Edinburgh, a group of friends from Argentina, Americans, and a few others.  It was a great feeling to be surrounded by a diverse group of people from around the world.

The elevator stopped.  Once the doors opened, we gazed upon the massive dome with a mirrored cone developed to be energy sufficient.  The mirrored cone was designed to be decrease carbon emissions from the building.  I made my way up the walkway to the top to catch a 360 view of Berlin.  The hints of lights around the city made me smile to realized I have finally made my way to Europe.

Reichstag Dome Berlin Germany
Reichstag Dome

Germany is a contrast of what it was in the 1930s.   Europe is much different after two world wars with the European Union.  The free movement of its citizens to experience what neighboring countries have to offer in terms of food, landmarks and cultures.  The rest of the world could follow the EU’s lead and let its citizens roam freely in its region without prejudice. Reichstag Dome Berlin

Reichstag Dome Berlin Germany
Reichstag Dome

The Reichstag Dome visit cost about 20 Euros.  However, has a great deal for a Berlin Sightseeing Pass for less than a 100 USD, which is valid for 48 hours and includes a long list of sites.  The admission includes the following Berlin landmarks: Reichstag Dome Berlin

  • Alte National Gallery
  • Altes Musuem
  • Anne Frank Centre
  • Aquadom & SEA LIFE Berlin
  • Art Forum at Berliner Volksbank
  • Bauhaus Archive
  • Berggruen Musuem
  • Berlin Botanical Museum
  • Berlin Bus Tour
  • Berlin Dungeon
  • Berlin Film Museum
  • Berlin River Cruise
  • Berlin Story Museum
  • Berliner Dom
  • Berlinische Gallery
  • Bode Museum
  • Brucke Museum
  • Checkpoint Charlie Museum
  • Childhood and Youth Collection
  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • Communication Museum
  • Dahlem Museum
  • Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle
  • Duppel Museum Village
  • Egyptian Museum Berlin
  • Ephraim Palais Berlin
  • Ethnological Museum
  • Fat Tire Bike Tours
  • Fat Tire Segway Tours
  • Gemalde Gallery
  • Georg Kolbe Museum
  • German Technology Museum
  • Hamburger Bahnhof
  • Insider Walking Tours
  • Jewish Museum Berlin
  • Kunstbibliothek
  • Labyrinth Children’s Museum
  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin
  • Machmit! Museum
  • Madame Tussauds Berlin
  • Markisches Museum
  • Medical History Museum
  • Middle Eastern Musuem
  • Museum of Asian Art
  • Museum of Decorative Arts
  • Museum of Photography
  • Museum of Pre-History & Early History
  • Musical Instrument Museum
  • Musuem of Islamic Art
  • Natural History Museum
  • Neue National Gallery
  • Neues Museum
  • Olympiastadion Berlin
  • Pergamon Museum
  • Scharf-Gersternberg Collection
  • Schwules Museum Berlin Pass

Let us know which sights you decide or end up visiting in the comments section below!

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