Borchardt Restaurant & the Schnitzel

Borchardt Restaurant is near the Gendarmenmarkt.  It’s centrally located in Berlin and offers traditional German dishes and cuisines.  

Borchardt Restaurant Berlin Germany
Borchardt’s decor

Borchardt Restaurant was down the street from my hotel, ARCOTEL John F Berlin, in Berlin.  After I dropped off my bags, I started on my itinerary for my one day in Berlin.  I stepped out of my hotel, made a left then headed towards the Gendarmenmarkt, Neue Kirche and Französischer Dom.  All three were located right next to each other and a block away from Borchardt Restaurant .  I made sure I get a few landmarks off my list before I had lunch and the rain.

I started to feel the incoming rain as I made my way on Französische Straße.  However, it wasn’t as noticeable due to the sun shining bright through the clouds.  I went about my business and took my pictures of the gorgeous German architecture.  The Neue Kirche and Französischer Dom are both from the 18th and 17th centuries, respectively.  The United States modern structures are impressive but Europe’s beautifully crafted building have a romanticism and charm to them.

Borchardt Restaurant Berlin Germany
Borchardt’s ceiling

I decided to crossed the street and head to Borchardt Restaurant  to get out of the rain.  I was greeted by the hostess who spoke perfect English because she was raised in Miami.  She took my jacket and escorted me to my table.  The first thing I noticed about Borchardt Restaurant  was its classy yet casual decor.  The white table cloths matching its white walls, dark wood booths, and its velvet red seats.

 Borchardt Berlin

Borchardt Restaurant  was on my agenda due to it being famous for its Wiener Schnitzel.  The massive veal cutlet was served with lukewarm potatoes salad and cranberries then garnish with two slices of lemon.  It’s a traditional cuisine was massive slice of tenderized slice of meat.  The slightly crispy breaded coating gave way to the tenderized meat.  The deep fried veal wasn’t oily but it wasn’t as tasty as I would have hoped.  The veal tasted uninspiring and lacked any depth.  It was a bit disappointing meal for my first meal in Berlin.

Borchardt Restaurant Berlin Germany
Wiener Schnitzel

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Borchardt is near the Gendarmenmarkt. It’s centrally located in Berlin and offers traditional German dishes and cuisines. It’s famous for its Wiener Schnitzel; however, I found it a bit uninspiring.

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