Mihachi & Late Night Ramen – 味八

Mihachi.  It’s located a couple of blocks from the Shinjuku station and one black from Omoide Yokocho.  I was craving udon after a long day in Osaka but the place I wanted to try was closed. 

Mihachi Shinjuku Japan
The Kitchen

I opted for Hachi cause they were open and had tsukemen.  Like all of Japan, you order through a ticket machine.  Mihachi is opened 24 hours and there was a good number of people in the restaurant at 11pm.  I thought NYC and Vegas were cities that never sleeps but the crown definitely goes to Tokyo.  Anyway, I went with the following:

  1. Tsukemen – It was a pork flavor broth with a decent amount of ramen.  The one slice of pork seemed a bit dried and dehydrated like a New York marathon runner.  The broth was pretty good and flavorful.  It was oily, fatty, and not too salty.  The ramen had a good texture to it and wasn’t too chewy for thicker ramen.  The only thing I didn’t like about the ramen was the broth was warm when served.  I like my broths to be piping hot when served.

    Mihachi Shinjuku Japan
  2. Gyoza –  The Gyoza was cold when it came out.  It made it unappealing but that doesn’t mean I didn’t still eat it.  The texture of the wrap was thick and oily.   The stuffing was dried too.  However, it still had its pork flavor.  It wasn’t as juicy and succulent as I anticipated.

    Mihachi Shinjuku Japan

Overall, it was a decent bowl of ramen but it wasn’t the greatest bowl of ramen.  It’s a good spot to get a quick bite after 11 PM in Shinjuku.  Also, there’s Ichiran on the other side of the Shinjuku station.  Lastly, the staff speak English, so you can ask for help if you have trouble ordering.

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Mihachi Shinjuku Japan
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Mihachi does Tsukemen ramen. It’s a decent bowl of ramen for a late night meal. It’s a few blocks from the Shinjuku station and provides another option when you don’t want to wait for Ichiran.