Manila’s Chops Chicago Steakhouse

Chops Chicago Steakhouse is located on the 4th floor in the mall.  This was the only meal I had in Manila during my layover to Boracay excluding our alcohol.

Anyway, Chops Chicago Steakhouse has one main dining room and a private dining room.  We ate in the private dining room.  The menu has all your typical heavy and full-flavored steakhouse items; however, the menu is a little different from Japan, Australian and American steakhouses I’ve been.  It has a lot to do with regions, culture and what type of beef is available in that particular area.  Chops Chicago Steakhouse seems to bring the American steakhouses dining experience to Manila but,  the ambiance isn’t what I expect from a Chicago restaurant.

Chops Chicago Steakhouse didn’t offer any Japanese meats during my visit and it could have been due to Japanese export restrictions at the time.  However, Chops did have Australian Wagyu.  Now, the food.  I had the following items:

  1. Four Cheese Oysters – It had Parmesan, Cheddar, Bleu Cheese and Mozzarella.  This was a weird combination and a little different.  The cheese gave the oysters a different texture and it was completely covered in cheese. The cheese took away from the natural oyster flavors.

    Chops Chicago Steakhouse Manila
    Four Cheese Oysters
  2. 14 oz Australian Wagyu Sirloin – Australian Wagyu is probably the 3rd best beef in the world after Japanese Wagyu (2nd) and Japanese Kobe (1st).   There’s the growing popularity of Miyazaki Wagyu but that’s in the Wagyu category.  Anyway, the flavoring and marbling is up to par with David Blackmore ratings.  The cut was buttery, juicy, tender and flavorful.  It came with a side of gravy, which I didn’t touch.   I like to enjoy my steaks with only salt and pepper and taste the quality of the beef.  It was a good piece of steak but it wasn’t the best I’ve ever eaten.

    Chops Chicago Steakhouse Manila
    Australian Wagyu

Overall, Chops Chicago Steakhouse is a decent steakhouse.  However, I’m tainted because I’ve discovered the joys of Japanese Wagyu and Kobe Beef.  There’s definitely nothing compares to it whether it’s serve at a yakiniku restaurant or steakhouse.  I’m surprised Chops is still open two years after I’ve eaten here since the food is fairly cheap in the Philippines.

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Chops Chicago Steakhouse is located on the 4th floor in the mall. Chops is a decent steakhouse and I don’t know whether the Filipinos will buy into the upscale dining experience.

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