Top London Sightseeing List??  River Thames runs through London and it’s the perfect location to see all of London’s major landmarks.  It’s less than a 3.5 mile walk filled with sights and restaurants.

London is like every major European city in that all of its landmark is within walking distance.  It’s no different from Athens, Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon or Copenhagen.  It’s much different from cities like Dubai and Los Angeles where it’s not pedestrian friendly.  The major sights on River Thames start at the Palace of Westminster and ends at Tower Bridge.  There’s a walkway on both sides of the river. Let’s go through the Top London Sightseeing List:

  • Big Ben

    Top London Sightseeing List
    Big Ben
  • Palace of Westminster

    Top London Sightseeing List
    Palace of Westminster
  • Tower of London

    Top London Sightseeing List
    Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge

    Top London Sightseeing List
    Tower Bridge
  • Shakespeare’s Globe

    Top London Sightseeing List
    Shakespeare’s Globe
  • National Theatre

    Top London Sightseeing List
    National Theatre
  • London Eye

    Top London Sightseeing List
    London Eye
  • Westminster Bridge

    Top London Sightseeing List
    Westminster Bridge

The good thing is you could start off on either side and be able to see all the sights within three hours depending how fast you walk.  I was able to see all the major sites within two hours cause I had no plans to go inside any of the sites.  I’m more of an architecture type of person and I hope you enjoyed the Top London Sightseeing List.

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