Du Yichu (都一处烧卖) & Beijing Style Shaomai

Du Yichu is located on Qianmen Dajie (i.e., Qianmen St).  Qianmen St is a pedestrian walkway with retail shops along the strip and a major tourist trap.

Du Yichu
The decor

Du Yichu wasn’t my first option as I was in the area looking for another restaurant I wanted to try.  However, I was unable to locate my initial choice and had to settle for Du Yichu.  The restaurant was completely packed with locals during lunch; however, I was seated right away.  With limited seating, the waitress seated a grandfather and his grand daughter across to me. Du Yichu Beijing

The restaurant is definitely posh relatively speaking to other restaurants in Beijing like Huntun Hou and Xianlaoman.  The later restaurants provide meals for less than 8 RMB (i.e., 2 USD); but, Du Yichu dishes come in at 40 RMB (i.e., 7 USD) per dish.  This is still relatively cheap compared to U.S. cost for a dish in a restaurant in its class.  The interest part was the restaurant was filled with Chinese folks.  However, I realized Tiananmen Square was the next block over.  Therefore, the pricing might have been due to it being a tourist trap. Du Yichu Beijing

Du Yichu
The restaurant

Anyway, the service was relatively good and the food took awhile to come out.  The staff were all really nice and made sure I had everything I ordered.  They came back multiple times to check up on me, which is highly unusual for a Chinese restaurant.

Now, the food.  I had the following items: Du Yichu Beijing

  1. Meatballs – The meatballs are coated with a batter then deep-fried.  The portions are large with beef retained their juiciness and flavors very well.  The crunchy outer layer gave way to a ground beef texture filling like a Swedish meatball.  It’s a great appetizer to start with as you wait for other dishes to arrive.

    Du Yichu
  2. Pork Shaomai – The Shaomai were much different than its Taiwanese and Cantonese cousins.  The edges are ruffled to add to the appearance of the shaomai then the fillings are stuff into them.  The taste and texture was a lot different than its Cantonese cousins.  These had a more ground pork texture to them similar to a hamburger versus having a bite to them like the Cantonese Shiu Mai.  The flavors were still tasty and enjoyable.

    Du Yichu
    Beijing Style Shaomai

Overall, Du Yichu was a fairly good Beijing Style dim sum restaurant besides it being located in a touristy area.  The prices are still relatively inexpensive when compared to other advance Western countries.  However, the portions are very good and your money still goes a long way here.

Du Yichu
The Shaomai
  • 7/10
    Service - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Presentation - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Flavors - 7/10
  • 6/10
    Decor - 6/10
  • 6/10
    Ambiance - 6/10


Du Yichu is a tourist trap and the prices reflect that when compared to similar restaurants around Beijing. The restaurant provides large portions with fairly tasty food with its interpretation of Beijing style dim sum. Worth another vist? I would say so if I was in the area.

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