Restaurante Sacramento, Lisbon & Seafood

Restaurante Sacramento is situated in an 18th-century palace stables right next to the Santa Justa Lift.  The contemporary restaurant acts as a cafe and a bar serving a Portuguese cuisine.

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Restaurante Sacramento Lisbon
The first floor decor

After eating at Cervejaria Ramiro, Lisbon impressed me with its seafood fare and had me chasing a pipe dream.   I decided to cancel dinner reservations at 100 maneiras and ask our hotel for a restaurant recommendation.  The front desk told us to check out Restaurante Sacramento cause they serve really good food providing quality and quantity.  Also, they informed us that it was less than half a mile from the hotel, so we decided to walk there.

Lisbon is a very small city and like most European cities you could practically walk everywhere.  However, Lisbon differs in that the city is filled with hills.  A quarter mile walk could be uphill and feel like 5 miles when you arrive at your destination.  The good news is you will arrive at the restaurant starving cause you just burned how many calories climbing the treacherous mountain aka hill.

Restaurante Sacramento Lisbon
2nd floor decor

Restaurante Sacramento is a very lovely restaurant and the walls are different colors matching Lisbon’s architecture culture.  The lighting the old stone walls a very nice ambiance as the restaurant is very lively during dinner.  The table settings with its simple wooden chairs made it a very casual environment.

Now, the food.  As stated earlier, I was chasing a pipe dream and wanted another taste of Lisbon seafood.

  1. Clams – The clams came in a large bowl filled almost to the top with a large slice of lemon and in a bed of butter.  The clams had cilantro as garnish.  The cilantro made it a very delectable dish with the butter providing the comfort.  Restaurante Sacramento Lisbon does clams very well.

    Restaurante Sacramento Lisbon
  2. Tiger Shrimp – The buttery Tiger Shrimp laid on top of a bed of rice and served with ripe baby tomatoes, lemon, and cilantro.  The citrus lemon, baby tomatoes and cilantro provided a very fresh taste to the dish and balancing the rich butter from the Tiger Shrimp.  The white rice gave the dish an overall comforting feel to it.

    Restaurante Sacramento Lisbon
    Tiger Prawn

Overall, Restaurante Sacramento Lisbon is a very good restaurant providing quality and quantity.  The large portions will make any big eater happy and the quality will make any food snob smile. With that said, I have to say Lisbon does seafood very well and Restaurante Sacramento Lisbon is a testament to that statement.

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Restaurante Sacramento
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Lisbon is a great seafood city. Restaurant Sacramento and Cervejaria Ramiro are testament to that statement. Sacramento is a great dinner option as Cervejaria Ramiro closes early. However, Sacramento food is right there with Cervejaria Ramiro but providing a more upscale dining experience.

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