Pasteis de Belém & Portuguese Pastries

Pasteis de Belém is probably the most famous pastries shop in Portugal.  It’s a small shop with a revolving door that never stops as patrons enter and exit the door like Starbucks.

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Pasteis de Belém Lisbon
The inventory of pastries on display

Pasteis de Belém is a national Portuguese national monument as it has been around since 1837.  The recipe has been passed down throughout the centuries and it shows Pasteis de Belém is an Portuguese institution.  It’s located a few blocks from the Palace of Belem and a block from the Jerónimos Monastery.

Pasteis de Belém is a very small bakery and they only take reservations for large groups; however, there isn’t a need to sit down cause take out will do if you don’t want to deal with the wait.  The large line might look intimidating but it moves very fast.

Now, the pastries.  I decided to go with two of the their most popular items.

  1. Egg Tarts – The little morsels were warm and come with the options of added cinnamon or sugar sprinkles on them.  It melted in your mouth with a touch of Portuguese traditions on your palate.  The slightly burned exterior gives way to sweet goodness.  At about 1USD each, it will have you running back into the shop to order a few more for the road.

    Pasteis de Belém Lisbon
    Egg Tart
  2. Chicken Pastry – The pastry had a flaky exterior reminiscent of a croissant with shredded chicken serving as the filling inside it.  The soft interior had the same texture of a fluffy croquette at your favorite tapas bar.  The pastry wasn’t overly sweet but it wasn’t bland due to the fat content of chicken.  It was a good pastry overall.

    Pasteis de Belém Lisbon
    Chicken Pastry

Overall, Pasteis de Belém provides a quick snack or a needed rest during your sightseeing agenda.  The fluffy pastries are great to grab on the go and the line moves very fast.   Pasteis de Belém gets people in and out then on their way.  I absolutely adore this little pastry shop.

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Pasteis de Belém is a Portuguese landmark like Belém Tower. It’s a great place for a snack and the egg tarts are wonderful. It’s inexpensive and you’re on your way for the day.

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