Hutong Dumpling Bar & Xiao Long Bao

Hutong Dumpling Bar was the 2nd stop I made on my first day in Melbourne and I went right over I had Grossi Florentino.   Hutong is literally a hole in the wall, down an alley, and right before Chinatown.  

Hutong Dumpling Bar  means lane ways and there are thousands of them in China.  The most well-known place for hutong is Beijing.  Therefore, it’s not surprising for the owners to take up the name since they’re located in a laneway.

It’s a small restaurant with seating on the first floor and second floor. The dumplings are made right behind the cashier. The service is typical Chinese service and people shouldn’t expect to get Michelin level service.  As with a lot of Asian restaurants, people eat at Asian restaurants for the food and robust flavors of the dishes.  It’s not about service.  It’s the same thing here at Hutong Dumpling Bar.

Now, the food.  I ordered 3 dishes and it was all amazing:

  1. Wontons w/ Spicy Sauce – This had a good kick to it and perfectly cooked. It melted in my mouth after two bites. The pork was juicy, the wrap ripped teared apart perfectly and the sauce was the perfect fusion of flavor and spice.  The succulent little morsels were one of the best won tons I’ve had outside of China.

    Hutong Dumpling Bar Melbourne
    Spicy Won Tons
  2. Crab Dumplings – The dumplings were plump and fat like a little croquettes.  The transparent wrapped showcased the juicy and sweet crab meat like a Royce Rolls in the window.  There was a hint of garlic in it but not enough to overpower the flavor.  The portions were huge and not your typical size dumplings we see in the US or China.  It was piping hot and everything was cooked at the right temperature.  Like the won tons, it melted in my mouth.

    Hutong Dumpling Bar Melbourne
    Crab Dumplings
  3. Xiao Long Bao – Ok. Din Tai Fung is what everyone knows as the epitome of the soup dumpling. Why? Cause they never had these bad boys.  In my opinion, these were definitely better than Din Tai Fung and I’m not even over-exaggerating.  The soup was boiling, the pork was soft and full of flavor, and it evaporated in my mouth after one bite.  It was spectacular and pure perfection.

    Hutong Dumpling Bar Melbourne
    Xiao Long Bao

Everything melted in my mouth. I usually stop eating after I get full but I couldn’t help to stuff myself even more. I didn’t even feel guilty when my cousin and his wife said they couldn’t eat anymore. I had a slight feeling of relief cause it was all mine.  Lastly, hands down, Hutong Dumpling Bar is  one of the best dumpling house I’ve had to date outside of China.

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  • 6/10
    Service - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Presentation - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Flavors - 9/10
  • 7/10
    Ambiance - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Decor - 7/10


Hutong Dumpling Bar sits in one of the many laneways in Melbourne and its name is translated as laneway. The dumpling bar serves delicate succulent little morsels of heaven with its signature Chinese service. It’s price relatively cheap and won’t break the bank. Definitely a must stop while in Melbourne.

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