Fried Chicken & Hongik University

Fried Chicken is the best in the Hongik University area. It’s also known as Hongdae since it’s a college town filled with pubs and comfort food for the students.

Fried chicken is a comfort food with origins dating back to Scotland.  Scottish settlers brought the dish to the United States and it has grown as one of the most popular fast foods in the States.  There are many variants of fried chicken and it’s mass-produced within the United States.  It’s a part of the American Cuisine.

Fried chicken

The Koreans have adopted the dish and it’s extremely popular among college students due to the price.  The shops are everywhere in Seoul especially around the college towns.  It’s relatively cheap and it goes perfect with beers.  Chicken and beers, right?

We decided to dropped by a hole in the wall spot cause we were starving from walking around Hongik University.   The restaurant is right next to sculpture park, which is a couple of blocks from Hongik University.  The set up isn’t anything special and your traditional Korean pub decor.  The wood tables, booths and the Korean service bell.

Fried chicken
The restaurant decor

Now, the fried chicken.  It had all the typical flavors and textures of good American fried chicken.  The chicken wasn’t dry and the perfect use of brine to keep it moist.  However, the main difference was the extra crispness of the skin without extra batter on it.  We all experience crispy fried chicken where there is too much batter on it.  It really kills the taste.

The Korean had the right amount of batter on it to make it crispy without adding a few layers of batter on the skin.  The crunch sound echoed in your throat as you bit into the chicken then the cold Hite soothed it like a stream suddenly being flooded with fresh mountain water.

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Fried chicken
Fried Chicken
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No trip to Seoul would be complete without having Korean fried chicken. The Koreans’ version of the dish goes perfect with beer and soju. It’s relatively inexpensive with an added crispiness to the skin. Fried chicken shops are abundant around college towns and this one is next to Hongik University and Sculpture Park.

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