Essential Travel Companions (Part 2 or 2)

This is our part 2 of our two-part travel companions series.  The first part focused on electronics and this part is going to focus more on comfort.  Like I said in Part 1,

I really dislike material possessions and view them as evil and modern slavery.  I find it extremely tacky how some use it to portray or falsify their economic status.  With that said, I like being comfortable when I’m traveling and I’m sure everyone else does too.  Flights are usually cram, the food resemble elementary cafeteria food, and the seats are uncomfortable unless you’re riding Business Class or First Class.

These are truly essential items every seasoned or amateur traveler should have on their way to the airport.


I really dislike checking in my bags because of the risk of the airlines losing my luggage and the time it takes for baggage claims.  There were multiple times I had to wait for at least an hour to claim my luggage.  Therefore, I like the feeling of walking straight to the taxi stand after I get off the plane.  It’s an exciting feeling of anticipation to explore a new or familiar city.  I’m a big advocate of traveling light with only a personal bag and a carry-on.

  1. Carry-on luggage – The average carry-on size by inches is 21 H x 15 W x 9 D with a weight of 18 lbs. Now, that doesn’t sound like much but the key is to have a non-flashy carry-on.   In other words, buy a black carry-on.  I have a black carry-on I took to Europe for 18 days, China for 10 days, Australia for 9 days and weekend trips.  It’s my go-to carry-on cause I can stuff it with more than 35 lbs of clothes without the airlines noticing it.  There are solid mid-range price one you could get for less than 60 USD.  Check it out here.  Upscale?  Click here.  The cheap ones?  Click here.
  2. Backpack  My backpack is a bit embarrassing cause it’s your typical business travel backpack.  However, it’s rugged, travel proven and efficient.  The Swiss Gear has multiple compartments like Batman’s utility belt.  However, I can stuff all my electronics in it, extra clothes and everything fits snug.  Check it out here.  I would recommend checking out Amazon and Samsonite.   They have great backpacks, items are always on sale and there’s free shipping.
  3. Luggage – Now, the dredged check in luggage if you must.  There are so many options for a luggage set.  Every site has it’s pros and cons.  I’m going to start with my favorite luggage company due to a Dumb & Dumber line.  That’s right!  Samsonite!  Samsonite is always having sales on its luggage and have a great choices.  Amazon provides free shipping and you could find a 4 piece set for less than 100 USD.  Luggage Pro has free shipping orders over $99.  Luggage Guy provides regular discounts at least 30%, designer brands, and free shipping.  Macy’s has a great selections of luggage and a designer brand selections too.


  1. Running/Walking Shoes In my opinion, the only way to get to know a city is to get engulf in its atmosphere.  Its locals, architecture, street vendors, restaurants, monuments and parks.  Therefore, a good pair of running/walking shoes are extremely vital for any frequent traveler especially those who enjoy taking public transportation and walking around the city like myself.  I would suggest leaving the Louis Vutton or Chanel bag at home and pack your most comfortable pair of running/walking shoes.  I’ve had many runners in my life and the ones I usually buy are Nike or New Balance due to comfort and weight.  I tend to lean towards New Balance cause it’s usually lighter than Nike.   The best place to get a pair of comfortable sneakers is from Macy’s or Amazon.  They’re always having sales and provide free shipping.
  2. Extra blanket – It often gets cold on airplanes and the airlines give you a blanket, but the issue with it is how many people have you used the blanket before you.  It’s like using a toilet without seat covers.  It’s pretty disgusting and I’ve heard many stories of people getting bed bugs bites.  Therefore, I always bring my travel blanket on long flights.  It’s a vital small investment. has package sets where you could get eye covers, pillow and a travel blanket for less than 20 USD.  Check it out here.  Also, Amazon has travel blankets for less than 13 USD.  Check it out here.
  3. Travel pillow – The neck pillow is probably one of the most ingenious inventions for travelers.  It provides comfort and doesn’t strain your neck when you’re sleeping in an awkward positions.  They’re incredibly cheap and last a very long time.  I’ve seen two different types.  The ones that wrap around your neck and the one for side sleepers.  Sharper Image have more ergonomically ones with pockets for your phone.  Check it out here.
  4. Eye covers – I could fall asleep anywhere these days especially airplanes.   Once the plane takes off, I’m out cold as if I got hit in the face by Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali.  No lie.  However, I do recognize some people need eye covers to sleep.  If you’re one of those people, I would suggest getting some eye covers.  The best bang for your buck would be from has package sets where you could get eye covers, pillow and a travel blanket for less than 20 USD.  Check it out here.
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Additional Accessories

  1. Passport wallet – This is for international globetrotter and a wall to cover your passport.  I’m on a mission to get as many stamps in my passport as I can now.  In addition, I want to protect my passport as I’m going to keep it in my treasure chest as a souvenir.   Therefore, I decided to invest in a passport wallet.  As with purses, there are different levels of classes.  Let me say this first.  I really have a disdain for high-end designer brands.  I really dislike them due to the overuse of them.  It gets tacky really fast if you overdo it.  Seriously.  With that said, the only thing I buy designer are my wallets and suits.  My first designer wallet was Burberry.  That wallet has gone to hell and back.  It was in the pool multiple times, had multiple encounters with ketchup and sat in the sun for countless hours.  It lasted me more than 8 years.  Now, I’m currently rocking a Louis Vutton wallets (i.e., everyday use and passport wallet).  It’s very subtle in that it’s black.  However, I wouldn’t recommend buying it due to the price.  There are fairly decent ones from 10 to 100 USD on Amazon, Macy, and Bloomingdale’s.  Coach (blue or black) and Herschel’s Supply Co  have fashionable ones for less than 90 USD.  Kenneth Cole has ones for less than 30 USD.  Click here.  For higher end brands, Giorgio Armani, Gucci or Mont Blanc.  I would definitely recommend buying the higher end brands cause of the ruggedness of the leather.
  2. Amazon Prime – Now, this isn’t really an essential as more of a want.  Amazon Prime has help me killed a lot of time and boredom between flights and on flights.  The ad-free music and video are perfect occupiers during those mention times.  It’s less than 100 USD for a year, which breaks down to about 8.25 USD a month.  That’s cheaper than NetFlix’s monthly subscription.  Give it a 30 day trial and click here.
  3. Umbrella – I always check the weather before I fly out.  If the forecast includes rain, I pack my durable compact umbrella that only cost less than 13 USD.  Check it out here.
  4. Toilet Paper – This may seem little funny but it’s not.  I’ve been to cities where toilet paper is non-existent and you have to pop a squat to do your business.  Therefore, it’s essential to grab a roll from your hotel for the day.  Trust me.
  5. Condoms – It’s better to have it than not have it on your travels.  Seriously, practice safe sex.  It’s only 0.38 USD for each if you purchase a box of 36.  Pick them up here.

As you can tell, a lot of recommended items geared towards comfort-ability, time-saving, safety and investments. I wouldn’t recommend any of them without using and buying them myself.  I hope this list helps you with your travels and makes your adventure easier.  Hopefully, you have a lot of these things already.  If not, here’s a summary of the links to help you out:



  1. Solid mid-range (<60 USD) Click here
  2. Upper echelon (>60 USD) Click here
  3. Economical ones. Click here


  1. Swiss Gear on Amazon. Click here.
  2. My personal choice. Click here
  3. Backpacks on Amazon. Click here.
  4. Backpacks on Samsonite.  Click here.

Luggage Sets

  1. Samsonite is always having sales on its luggage and have a great choices.  Click here.
  2. Amazon provides free shipping and you could find a 4 piece set for less than 100 USD.  Click here.
  3. Luggage Pro’s free shipping orders over $99.  Click here.
  4. Luggage Guy’s regular discounts at least 30%, designer brands, and free shipping.  Click here.
  5. Macy’s has a great selection of luggage and a designer brand selection too. Click here.


Running/Walking Shoes 

  1. Nike. Click here.
  2. New Balance. Click here.
  3. Macy’s free shipping and sales. Click here.
  4. Amazon’s free shipping and sales.  Click here.

Extra blanket

  1.’s 20 USD package deal.  Click here.
  2. Amazon’s 13 USD blanket only.  Click here.

Travel pillow

  1. Typical wrap-around-the-neck pillow.  Click here.
  2. Side sleepers.  Click here.
  3. Sharper Image’s ergonomically one. Click here.

Eye covers

  1.’s 20 USD package set. Click here.

Additional Accessories

Passport Wallet

  1. Amazon’s Passport Wallets.  Click here.
  2. Macy’s Passport Wallets. Click here.
  3. Bloomingdale’s Passport Wallet.  Click here.
  4. Coach’s Passport Wallet (<90 USD).  Click blue or black.
  5. Herschel’s Supply Co’s Passport Wallet (<90 USD).  Click here. 
  6. Kenneth Cole’s Passsport Wallet (<30 USD). Click here.
  7. Giorgio Armani’s Passport Wallet. Click here.
  8. Gucci’s Passport Wallet.  Click here.
  9. Mont Blanc’s Passport Wallet.  Click here.

Amazon Prime

  1. Yearly subscription for 8.25 USD per month.  Click here.


  1. Compact Durable (<13 USD).  Click here.


  1. Seriously, practice safe sex.  It’s only 0.38 USD per condom. Click here.


Let us know what you decide to pick up and how it’s working out for you in the comment sections!

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