e by Jose Andres. An Oasis Within The Desert Or Not?!

é by José Andrés is a private and intimate dining experience inside Jaleo. It’s one of Las Vegas premier restaurants and probably the hardest to get a seat. e by Jose Andres Las Vegas

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There’s a long corridor you walk down then a giant heavy steel door you have to knock on and then you show them your golden tickets and then then the giant door cracks open with a creepy squeak.  Once you’re in, Johnny Depp pops out of where and offers you a couple of tabs of acid and an eighth of shrooms while hobbits are dancing all around him with Calvin Harris spinning EDM on stage.  I swear.

With é by José Andrés, there are only 8 seats in the place and it was once considered one of the hardest restaurants to get reservations.  However, a lot has changed and Vegas isn’t the same city.  It’s a total chef’s table dining experience and the ones I preferred.  It provides a very intimate dining experience and could be a fantastic time if you have the right people around you.  I had a group of four on my right who never been to an experience like this and to my left was a retired couple of frequent some of the best restaurants in the world.  It was a fun experience like sitting at a table at a company event with co-workers who are socially incompetent and awkward.   I’m totally being sarcastic.

é by José Andrés
e By Jose Andres.

I was at é by José Andrés back in Dec 2015 with a buddy of mine.  I decided to take him out for Christmas cause he has never been to a true fine dining experience.  The service was fantastic and everything was explained in great detail.  It was a very young group of chefs at é and they were a fun bunch.  They joined in our jokes and gave us their honest opinions about restaurants in their class.  One of the chefs happens to be from the Los Angeles valley and we were teasing her about their hometown. “Like I can’t eeeven!”

Now, la comida by é by José Andrés.  It’s a tasting menu only consisting of 22-24 course showcasing modern Spanish cuisine.  The presentation of some of the dishes were really clever and it was a contrast to classic restaurants like French Laundry or Per Se.   My favorites were as follows: \

  • Chicharron – The chicharron was filled with flower petals, topped black truffles then top with an emulsion aka foam.  The salty and crispy chicaharron was balanced with the sweet emulsion and the earthy black truffles.  Who doesn’t like truffles?  It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face like watching someone walk through a screen door.

    é by José Andrés
  • Caviar & Cheese – The caviar and cheese was presented on two different spoons.  The oval serving of cheese had a very pungent flavor and a bit spicy.  The caviar was where the dish excelled and the most creative pieces of caviar I ever had.  It was coated with hazelnut and made it seem like you were eating a peanut butter Reese’s pieces.  It had all the texture of candy and gave you a high like snorting a line of cocaine.
  • Foie Gras – The foie gras was presented in donut.  Yes, a donut.  It was a donut filled with foie gras.  The texture was similar to a donut with vanilla or chocolate filling but it was all foie gras and no dough. It was a healthy rich serving of foie gras guaranteed to have you go night night like your high school history teacher.

    é by José Andrés
    Foie Gras donut
  • Empanada – The empanada was made of cotton candy.  Need I say more?

Overall, I would definitely say é by José Andrés was an fun and interactive experience.   The dishes were good to great.  I would definitely recommend é for the fun atmosphere, creative  dishes and intimate dining experience.  I would have to say é by José Andrés definitely ranks in my top 50 dining experience right above getting my 60 piece chicken nuggets.

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In a town with high rollers, e Jose Andres is one of the hardest seats in to get in Las Vegas. e By Jose Andres provides for an intimate and secluded dining experience away from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. The attention to detail is impressive as the presentation of the dishes. The 8 seat Chef’s Table is the perfect setting to highlight the creativity of the Spanish cuisine.

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